WOOD SIGNS - custom signs for home business & life, Personalized handcrafted wood signs. WOODCHUCKSIGNS PITTSBURGH, PA Wood Carved Signs-BARN WOOD, RUSTIC and VINTAGE STYLE wood carved signs
WOOD SIGNS - custom signs for home business & life,  Personalized handcrafted wood signs.  WOODCHUCKSIGNS PITTSBURGH, PA   Wood Carved Signs-BARN WOOD, RUSTICand VINTAGE STYLE wood carved signs

This is a general list of what type of wood signs we make using Cedar, Select Pine, Barn Wood.


Wooden House  Signs 



Dog bone shaped 

Camps and Cabins



Horse Stall Signs

Address numbers 



Anniversary Gifts

Childs Room Signs



Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts



Directional signs

Game Room Signs



Open / Closed

Anniversary Gifts



Pet Signs

Fun Signs









Many of our wood signs we use are Cedar, Select Pine, and barn wood.  

In general most of the sizes for wood signs are in the range of 24' X 6", &  smaller, and 12" x 24". 



A few facts about Cedar Wood Signs



  • In the United States, there are 3 main varieties of cedar: Incense Cedar, Western Red Cedar, and Eastern Red Cedar.
  • The Incense Cedar is mainly used in the manufacturing of pencils.
  • Eastern Red Cedar is also known as Aromatic Cedar.
  • Western Red Cedar is often used for building decks and siding.
  • The oil found in cedar is a natural insect repellant. This oil is only found in the reddish heartwood of the trees.
  • The Ancient Egyptians used oil extracted from cedar trees in the mummification process. The natural properties of the oil helped keep tombs insect free.
  • Native Americans similarly used cedar oil to repel mosquitoes and other small pests.
  • The Native Americans also built many of their canoes out of cedar.
  • Cedar trees are native to the Western Himalayan Mountains.
  • Many guitar soundboards are made out of Western Red Cedar and the necks are made of Spanish cedar.
  • Cedar was often used in the crafting of boats. It is said that Alexander the Grate’s boats were made from cedar.
  • In the Bible, cedar was imported for the construction of King Solomon’s temple.
  • Cedarwood is naturally resistant to water rot.
  • Cedar is lightweight and easy to work.  Most woodworking operations are considered easy to perform with cedar.
  • Cedar trees are commonly used in landscaping projects due to the pleasant aroma they release.


This list is just a few of the many interesting facts and historical uses for one of the world’s most versatile trees, and why I chose Cedar over other woods when possible. The spar - polyurethane adds to the luster and brings out the beautiful wood grain. However, it is not truly needed. In addition, I do not use paint on my signs but ink. Ink is also water resistant.


Please remember wood is a natural product. Variations in grain, texture, knots, and color are part of woods beauty.





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