WOOD SIGNS - custom signs for home business & life, Personalized handcrafted wood signs. WOODCHUCKSIGNS PITTSBURGH, PA Wood Carved Signs-BARN WOOD, RUSTIC and VINTAGE STYLE wood carved signs
WOOD SIGNS - custom signs for home business & life,  Personalized handcrafted wood signs.  WOODCHUCKSIGNS PITTSBURGH, PA   Wood Carved Signs-BARN WOOD, RUSTICand VINTAGE STYLE wood carved signs

Camp /Cabin and Home Custom Carved Wood Signs


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If you need a custom personalized wood carved sign for your camp. I'm just the one to make it. It will look very nice and last a long time.


Some of the Wooden Name Signs are used at homes and business' alike. 

Our Custom Wood Carved Signs are made with cedar - routed to show inset letters or outset letters with artwork. Mostly,  I use cedar, pine,

and other wood.

Most of these are 6" x 24"  and 6" x 18"  I make many other size wood signs as well. Not just limited by the wood sign examples you see on these pages. These are some of the signs I have made.

Made in Pittsburgh PA USA and sold nationally. 








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