WOOD SIGNS - custom signs for home business & life, Personalized handcrafted wood signs. WOODCHUCKSIGNS PITTSBURGH, PA Wood Carved Signs-BARN WOOD, RUSTIC and VINTAGE STYLE wood carved signs
WOOD SIGNS - custom signs for home business & life,  Personalized handcrafted wood signs.  WOODCHUCKSIGNS PITTSBURGH, PA   Wood Carved Signs-BARN WOOD, RUSTICand VINTAGE STYLE wood carved signs

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Charlie Smith



Hello, I'm Charles Smith. I am a practicing carpenter for over thirty years, Wood Carved Sign Maker and business owner. My carpentry experience spans in both commercial and residential fields. Over the last 12 years or so, I have been doing mostly smaller carpentry and carpentry related repairs in the commercial, home and retail industry.  Adding to my Carpentry and Repairs business is WoodChuckSigns - HANDCRAFTED WOOD CARVED SIGNS.  My signs are such a joy to create and a great tool of expression for my customers and myself.  At crafts shows folks express how much they like the craftsmanship of these signs.

  They make wonderful personal gifts. It's truly a joint effort between the customer and me - together we create a wonderful personalized HANDCRAFTED WOOD CUSTOM SIGN product that will last for years.

My wife is my partner. Her teaching background and her good sense of decoration really adds to making a lovely well "versed" personalized cedar wood sign. We make a great team. Your input plays a very important role as well. It is what makes the sign unique and personal.   



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